Why Token?

Now that’s a pretty good question. There are many cycling brands out there. Why would you choose Token? You’re probably tired of reading marketing babble aren’t you? Well, to be honest, we are too. So it’s time for some straight talk and a bit of inspiration, too.

The bike is no longer just a sports tool. We all know that riding a bicycle can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, save on energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions. Huge leaps forward in technology, craftsmanship and design processes have produced some of the finest bikes ever seen. Riders today demand high quality, reliability, lightness, speed and comfort from their bikes. Quite a list of demands, wouldn’t you agree?

So how does Token square up? One of the things we are proud of is our rigorous approach to quality and testing. We test things more than is actually necessary because we think it’s the right thing to do. Why expect anything less? We have a great range of unique and exclusive products only available through Token. AVT Carbon, G-Spokes and our well established TBT bearings to name a few.