Wherever your road leads, we know cyclists seek that ultimate ride. With that in mind, Serfas is always striving to make products that reflect those wants and needs. Our 20-year commitment to quality, performance and customer service is reflected in our innovative products, and this year’s next generation of rider-tested, rider-approved Serfas designs give everyone a lot to get excited about.

Our 2013 product line offers several new items including our USB rechargeable Thunderbolt Headlight and Taillight, with micro-LED Technology that gives plenty of light for your nighttime rides. Several new road and mountain shoe options are available for 2013 as well including our high-end Zirconium road shoe, featuring a stiff carbon composite sole with a matte carbon weave finish. Last but certainly not least is our new “Rider Optimized” eye wear featuring the utmost output in clarity, venting and optical centering.

So come take your next cycling journey with us. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed in the results.