Redline Bicycles

Redline Bicycles is dedicated to cycling on dirt, in mud, and on the street.

We got our start in 1974 by reinventing the BMX race fork when we released the first tubular chromoly design to the market.

And from that beginning, our bikes quickly became the must have BMX bike for racers and street riders alike. Today, our bikes are used by the best BMX’ers around – including Sam Willoughby – 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist and current world champion; Alise Post – current US national champion; and Brandon Dosch, X Games Silver Medalist.

Rooted in BMX, our design succeeds in building bikes that best transfers control and power from rider to dirt. This design focus has led to breakout bikes in the Cyclo-cross and Mountain bike categories.

Indeed, our bikes have been the preferred choice by three current national champions in Cyclo-cross and by Justin Lindine, the recent winner of the Transylvania Epic.

The bottom line is we love riding in the dirt and that passion is found in the bikes and accessories we build. Ride the winning line, Redline bicycles.