Radius Bikes


The Apollo Bicycle Company, one of Australia’s most iconic bicycle brands, has been designing and producing the Radius range of bikes since 1997.

The ideas and philosophies that saw the birth of the first Radius bike, are the same set of values that we strive for today and it’s what makes Radius bikes loved around Australia. These are to produce a range of quality bikes at a sensational value that are safefun and easy to rideLearn more about Apollo Bicycles

The other important aspect of our bikes is that they have always been available throughout our extensive Independent Bike Dealer network around Australia. These dealers help maintain our quality control whilst always providing consumers with the high level of support needed when buying and fitting a bicycle.

The Model Range

The Radius model range varies from year to year, but always includes bikes for not only kids but for adults also. The new 2013 adult range features a great variety of steel and alloy bikes that combine both stylish designs with trusted components.

Our new range of kids bikes is full of youthful, vibrant colours and graphics that appeals to children of all ages. The range is tailored specifically for kids, with ergonomic riding postions and child-specific components that ensure maximum comfort while riding. When designing kids bikes, Apollo’s highest priority is always your kids safety and that is why every bike is built to exceed the highest Australian standards.