Mavic is a French manufacturer of wheel-tyre systems, pedals, helmets, shoes and apparel, designed for riding road, MTB, triathlon and track. The wheel-tyre systems in particular include a wide range of aerodynamic carbon fiber road wheels, for both clincher and tubular tires, and MTB wheels in every size: 26 inches, 27,5 inches and 29 inches.

Mavic is based in Annecy, France. Since the 1970s, the company has been an official partner and sponsor of the Tour de France.

The company manufactures, or has previously manufactured, wheelsets, hubs, brakes, mudguards, cassettes, chainrings, headsets, computers, chains, stems, bars, cranks, bottom brackets, and children’s pedal cars, but it is best known for light alloy rims. Recently, the company has expanded into producing technical shoes and apparel for cyclists.

The company has employed innovative production with metals and especially alloys. Salomon had Mavic produce the edges for its skis and snowboards.

Mavic designed a spoke nipple mounted on the inside of the rim rather than from the tire side. This allows a rim to remain unpierced on the tire side with the exception of the valve hole. Less material is used in the rim. The Ksyrium wheelset was the first road to utilise this “fore” feature.

The top road wheels for many years have been¬†Ksyrium and Cosmic series. The Ksyrium has given way to the R-Sys. The R-Sys has tubular carbon fiber spokes that work in tension (like a traditional bicycle wheel) and compression (like a wagon wheel with wooden spokes). The spokes are held via “fore” technology at the rim and the TraComp ring at the hub. This allows lower spoke tension, which makes lighter wheels. The semi-aero Cosmic wheel is all carbon except for the rear hub.

Mavic also makes clincher rims. The Mavic Open Pro is popular for everyday road use. CXP rims are the semi-aero counterparts.

Mavic makes some of the most popular and successful carbon disc wheels, which have been used to win many races.

Mavic has made a carbon fibre deep section front wheel with five wide carbon spokes, the iO, which has been very successful. Some racers use it for road time trials, but this is not approved by Mavic as the rims are not designed for braking.