Magura is a German company established in 1893 that produces and distributes engineered cycling products and service including cycle suspensions and brakes, sunglasses, helmets, packs, bags, and clothing. With around 500 employees in Germany, Asia and the USA produce high-tech components daily for all kinds of two-wheelers that guarantee astounding durability, maximum safety standards and pure riding enjoyment.​​loye

For Comfort and Sport

​Hydraulics & Safety for Comfort and Sport – you could scarcely find a more fitting slogan for the Bad Urach SME MAGURA. For, with its traditional core competence hydraulics, MAGURA not only stands for passion and technical innovation, but most importantly for maximum safety and exemplary quality – for over 120 years.

Magura Components

The company’s other strengths lie in the field of plastics technology and powersports – BMW motorcycles, for instance, have been equipped with MAGURA components for 90 years. Outstanding technological solutions are also achieved in close cooperation with bebro electronic and befra electronic.